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Flodden Battle Field
Flodden Battle Field
Curraghs Wildlife Park
South Tyne Side
South Tyne
West Linton
West Linton
John Muir Country Park
john muir

The Basics

The first step is to give some thought to the following issues:

1 - What is the purpose of the project?
2 - Who is it aimed at?
3 - What is the best way to achieve these goals?
4 - How much will it cost?
5 - Can anyone help with funding

You will probably have to answer questions 1 and 2 for yourself but they need careful consideration as you have to be very clear about these things if the project is to be a success. Your answers will help you define what the basic content of the panel(s) should be and the general approach you should take. 

It is not a good idea to overload any individual panel with too much information and so complex issues or diverse topics are probably best tackled by a series of boards.

Hopefully there are enough examples on this website to help you find a resolution to question 3.  The general style of display should be chosen to suit the location, the subject matter and the intended audience.

For question 4, please check out our guide prices section.  There are many variations to what we do but you should be able to get a reasonable indication from there. If there is a particular example on this website which has caught your eye, please get in touch and we will be happy to give indicative costs for something similar.

There are numerous sources of funding for heritage, conservation and interpretive projects including the EU, National Lottery, national and regional conservation bodies and schemes set up by private/commercial organisations.  Most local authorities have a projects officer who can advise on the most suitable funding source for a particular project and give guidance on the application to ensure all of the correct boxes are ticked to secure the required support.

Some clients naturally feel daunted in taking on a project of this type for the first time but generally it is not as complicated as it may at first appear and there is always someone who can give help and advice.