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The two armies close for battle

In the English lines

Sandblasted timber surrounds

Orientation panel

The Scots move their artillery

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Flodden Panel

The Killing Fields





Case Study/
Flodden Battlefield

Just a mile or so to the south of our Coldstream base is Flodden Field, the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the long Border conflict between England and Scotland. The battle took place in the late afternoon of 9th September 1513 and, after just a few hours of fighting, around 4,000 Englishmen and 10,000 Scots, including their king and many of their nobility, lay dead or dying on the field.

To this day, the battlefield remains a very evocative and atmospheric place. It is set in agricultural land and is remarkably well-preserved. In 2004, a trail was established to give visitors access to the site and The Osprey Company were commissioned to provide a series of panels for various locations along the trail to explain how the battle unfolded.

Mock up of design Mock up

We initially designed seven different panels in sand-blasted timber and steel mounts which we felt would look natural on the site and also nicely reflect the historical context. Each board featured a battle site map marking the movements of the two armies and original illustrations showing reconstructions of scenes from the day. Whilst the panels could not be too graphic in depicting the brutality of the battle, we felt that it was important to convey as best we could what it must have been like to be present on the day.

Map of the battle site

The Killing Fields

The Scots advance

Judging by feedback from visitors and comments left on the message board at www.flodden.net we were very successful in achieving that aim:

“I visited the site with my mum and dad today and really really enjoyed it...i liked the picture boards all the way round. I could imagine the mud and the noise when the battle happened. I like to imagine what ancient things are buried deep in the ground!!!” Niamh, aged 8

“Visited the battlefield to day 08/08/05. My first visit since 1960. I think the site is just perfect now. Informative without being state of the art, as so many sites now are . . . . Let the brave from both sides lie in Peace for evermore.”

“Dear Flodden Battlefield committee,
Just to let you know that our whole family (3 kids aged 8,13 and 14)very much enjoyed the walk around the Battlefield. The information boards are great at bringing the event to life. Congratulations on all your hard work, I think it has been worth it!”

“It is extremely fascinating and I hope many others will experience the fields of flodden and enjoy it like very much did.”

“Visited Flodden field for the first time- with kids in tow. Kids loved it- they were able to get a real sense of the battlefield......Those responsible for this site [from leaflet writers. planners and local farmers] are to be congratulated- a brilliant heritage site.”

Flodden Field is an ongoing project with new developments planned over the next five years, leading up to the battle’s 500th anniversary in 2013. We are looking to produce a full 3D map of the site and a number of other interpretive installations including additional boards for sites which played a part in the build up to the battle and decorative picnic benches for the visitor’s car park.