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West Linton Village Panel

 Linton Village Panel

Map of the surrounding countryside

Case Study/
West Linton

This is an example of a type of project which is becoming more and more common for us - where the client is a village committee, local residents' association or special interest group who have gathered together and raised funding for a specific undertaking to improve their local environment or create a new amenity for their community. This might be the creation of a nature reserve or perhaps a project which highlights local history.

In this case, the client was West Linton Area Tourist Group who wished to create a focal point on the village green which would show visitors all the points of interest and walks in and around the village.

Village Information

After an initial meeting with representatives of the group, it was decided that we should go for a double-sided installation with a roof, in which we could have two different panels - one focusing on the village itself and the other on the surrounding hills and countryside.

Members of the group then set about marking up maps with all the relevant features highlighted which we could use as the basis for creating new maps for the panels. They also provided text and sourced photographs to illustrate some of the local historical interest. It is not unusual for there to be an artist amongst the members of such groups and we were also supplied with a number of watercolours of wildlife which we could use.

The Local Area