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In the years we have been designing and producing outdoor interpretation, the processes involved and general approach taken have changed markedly.

Back in the mid 1970s, everything was in its infancy and recognised techniques were only beginning to be developed.  Screen printing was the main medium used and though this gave excellent longevity, it severely limited the type of images and illustrations which could be reproduced effectively.  It was also very expensive when it came to multi-colour designs.

The digital age has changed all of that and we are now able to reproduce almost any kind of image to photographic quality.  This is a great boon as the basic rule of designing interpretation is to keep text to a minimum and to say as much as possible by the use of well-captioned illustrations.

Many of our clients have design capabilities of their own and wish to supply finished ready-to-print artwork.  A tiff or pdf file (to a resolution of 200dpi at finished size) is ideal for this.

Alternatively, we might be supplied with text and a selection of images (hard copy or scanned files)  which we would take and lay out in an attractive format.  Proofing is very straightforward as we can send low res copies of designs back and forth by email until everyone is happy with the final version.

On other projects we might need to produce original illustrations or maps and virtually design a board from scratch.  Again, this can be proofed at various stages as the work proceeds.