Photographs reproduce really well

Etchings and archive images

Oil paintings and watercolours

Children's artwork can add something to a panel

Original illustrations can be producedVector artwork can work well too



There are virtually no limitations as to the form of images which can be reproduced successfully on an interpretation board - photographs, line drawings, etchings, watercolours, pastels and oil paintings, as well as computer generated images.  We have also produced a number of panels which have incorporated children's artwork to good effect.

However, it is important to ensure that you are not infringing copyright and that you have the right or permission to use them. It is quite common for us to add a small credit on the board for anyone who has allowed the use of their photographs or artwork.

Oak TreeWood WalblerCommon Blue

We have an in house library of wildlife illustrations which are available for use on our boards and a number of illustrations of other kinds which may have been done for previous projects. Please have a look through our illustrations gallery.

If you wish to scan photographs or original artwork, the higher the resolution the better, but to ease transfer of files and reduce memory, a resolution of 200dpi at the anticipated final print size should be OK.  Tiff files are best but jpegs should be fine too.  Images taken from websites are rarely of good enough quality to reproduce well.

Please note that the appearance of colours can vary between screen and printer and that different printing machines reproduce colours differently.  However, it is only very rarely that we need to carry out colour fixes on customer’s files - we can usually print straight from disk (or email).

For more example please visit our Illustrations gallery by clicking here .