One of a series of installations in Morpeth

John Muir Country Park

Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserve Signs


Most projects are very straightforward, perhaps only involving one or two panels but there are others which can involve multiple boards spread over
wide-ranging locations. 

Every project needs careful planning and to be properly managed to ensure completion on time and within budget.  Good communication is often the key to this and so we make a point of keeping clients informed of progress at every stage. Email, file transfer and other electronic media are making this increasingly easier to do.

There are times of the year, notably in the spring and early part of the summer, when we can get incredibly busy due to the demand caused by local authority budgetary periods and the requirements for projects to be completed in time for the summer season.  This can cause extended delivery times during this period and so it makes sense, where possible, to get things done at other times of the year.

Although we do carry out installation of our signs on certain projects, in many cases it makes more sense for clients to use local contractors for this element of the work as there are likely to be savings in costs by cutting out traveling time.  Installation normally involves no more than digging holes to the required depth, the use of quick-drying ‘post-crete’ and dropping the sign in place, perhaps with a support until the concrete sets.  With some products a certain amount of assembly is required, particularly with items such as our canopied shelters which are delivered in sections.  We supply assembly instructions where needed.

We sometimes deliver goods ourselves but often use carriers such as TNT and DHL for transportation.  A signature is required for all delivered items and so it is best to arrange delivery to a manned address.  We normally contact clients prior to despatch to advise that a delivery is to be expected.