Try to make sure your text is suited to the target audience!

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Text Example

Text Example


Writing copy for interpretive panels has become a discipline in itself as it involves getting over information and messages in as few words as is possible. Text should be written in a way which involves the reader, asks questions and stimulates him/her to think about the issues for themselves.  This is why it is so important to establish the target audience for display prior to developing the content and design.

As a guide, a typical A1panel probably should not contain any more than 200 words of text, though in practice, it often works out to be more, sometimes much more.

With respect to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), there are certain guidelines which should be noted to help make text as legible as possible.  Firstly, body text should be kept to at least 24pt and sans serif fonts are preferred.  There should be a good contrast between text and background colours and text directly on top of an image should be avoided. 


Paragraph text should ideally be left justified and kept to no more than perhaps 80 characters wide in order to make it easier to find the start of next line when reading.

Titles and subtitles should be larger - say 36-42pt for sub-titles and 60-72pt for main titles, depending upon the size and content of the boards.

Many of these conventions have only developed in recent years and you will see many examples of panels out there which do not conform in all kinds of ways. Creativity is a big part of our ethos as a company and we would like to think there is still scope to try different things when circumstances permit.


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